Does PLE actually reflect Personal Learning Environment or Personal Living Environment?

Personal Learning Environment

As a teacher in the modern world, I never hesitate to embrace the technology for my teaching and it helps me to strengthen the teacher-student relationship every time.  Virtual Learning Environment or Learning Management System as we refer, always increase my curiosity and wanted to explore it for incorporating that system with all the educational functionalities in my teaching environment. Initially, it was not an easy task to accomplish. But gradually I could expand its importance to other faculty members. I initially thought the Technology Enabled Learning (teaching) (TEL) is something totally depend on an LMS.

New conceptualized thinking gained from the MOOC Course I followed in FutureLearn on Blended Learning Essentials challenged to my initial idea.  The LMS is only one part of the TEL, not the whole. My digital world got expanded and started using various tools for various purposes.

The term Personal Learning Environment got touched first time from Weller’s blog post but later I learned it is a vast empirical area and becoming the future of VLE.  Graham Attwell defines “A PLE is comprised of all the different tools we use in our everyday life for learning” when introducing it as the future of e-learning.

Can we demarcate the learning from our day-to-day activities? When it comes to the PLE, we have to include all our day-to-day use of technologies since all are inter-connected. In such case can we stop our Personal Learning Environment is becoming our Personal Living Environment?

I actually feel that we are becoming slaves of the technology.  The Internet is becoming a basic need rather than a desire making our life so complex and sophisticated.