Became a motivated self-learner through MOOCs

I can’t remember when I started to learn through the web, maybe during my final year at the university. But I use Google search to find the answers for all my questions in my day-to-day life. It can be searching for a recipe or solution for some advanced technical problem.
But mostly I started using the web for my learning when I was doing my research degree. I had to learn a lot of new subject knowledge. It was very tedious and boring to read books from the library and from the internet which never matched with my learning style. As an alternative, I tend to access the learning videos and spent a lot of time to search the videos which are appropriate for me.
Accidently I happen to view a video uploaded from Waikato University on Data mining. Data mining was one of the key areas of my research. That’s how I first got to know about the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).
I learnt Data mining from MOOC courses launched by the Waikato University from scratch to expert level. Further to that, I started learning Statistics from Udacity. That MOOC courses are splendid, the teaching style, exercises, the course layout is exceptional. I very much enjoyed the courses. With such motivation, I became a MOOC course hunter. None of the MOOC sites could escape from me; edx, Udacity, OpenLearn. FutureLearn, Coursera etc.
I used some of MOOC courses to teach fundamentals for my students. I have used Hour of Code courses in Khan Academy to teach web development, Computer Program development and computer drawing to the first year undergraduate students.
They enjoyed the courses, and you also can learn the computer drawing and try to develop the following picture using the codes available in this Khan Academy course.