Technology-based Teaching: Article 2

What is your teaching environment?

Before applying the technology, you have to understand the existing teaching environment, facilities in your classroom and the students’ competence of the available equipment and technology.

Teaching environment of a classroom can be classified based on its different characteristics.  Instruction deliverance is one of the main characters which can formulate a diversified  learning environment.  I used the following diagram to depict the classroom environments which we are commonly available.

If you are still having a fully traditional based face-to-face teaching environment we can easily convert it to a Technology facilitated teaching environment if you have a computer and a projector in the lecture rooms. If that computer is connected to the Internet, you can perfectly change your classroom to a modest technology-based class.

You don’t need to spend extra money but your time and need be innovative with high commitment. So think differently and act differently to be a Net Generation teacher.

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