Technology-based Teaching: Article 1

Teaching, What exactly it is?

I had a dream to become a teacher from my school days. I can remember How I shared my knowledge with my colleague from the very small age.

I always wanted to add some more facts what I learned, when I was teaching other fellow students. Sometimes I added my imaginations to build the stories. Therefore I have been caught telling some unrealistic or false information to my friends. I may have done so, that was my imagination.

I believed teaching is not just transferring knowledge from one person to another. Teaching is a complex term very difficult to define or interpret. That is why people use metaphors to interpret the term “teaching” and “teacher”.

In my point of view, teaching is guiding, interacting, motivating, information passing, imitating, role-playing, parenting, counseling, instructing, demonstrating and so on. It is not just one task. It is a repetitive multi-tasking process which requires high commitment.

The teaching process has been evolved during the past two decades with the advancements of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT).  The present generation literally referred as “Net Generation”[1] or “Google Generation”[2]   is born with the technology and live with the technology. It makes a gap between technological students and non-technological teachers since both parties not having a common communication protocol. Therefore as teachers, we have to change our teaching behaviour for making good relationship with the students. Technology adopting to our learning practices can minimise the gap between teachers and students.

I would like to discuss my experiences, experiments and innovative ideas on teaching with technology in the next few articles. You are free to comment, discuss, correct or add your thoughts which always can encourage me.


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